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The light in me, honors the light in you

Alice is the creator and writer of the Alice in Wondrland (AIW). A lifestyle blog of a Hashimoto’s Warrior, a Shamanic Reiki Healer, and a C-Level Executive Assistant at Grove Collaborative living in San Francisco, California.

Alice advocates self-love, vulnerable authenticity, and alternative healing. Alice cultivates good vibrations, always keeping her eyes searching for the light, and wholeheartedly believes in spreading love and light onto others. She blends approaches from Sociology, Psychology, Taoism, Shamanic Reiki, and her energetic gifts to help individuals unlock their fullest potential and empower them to thrive! Through her work, she helps individuals restructure, and rebalance themselves through intuitive mentorship, effective mind-body awareness and stress reduction healing techniques. Clients have mentioned that they are then able to discover clarity, creativity, focus, and a renewed yet ignited passion within themselves.



Her journey started a young child where she could tap into energies from all around her. In fear of being ostracized, her family members sought to protect her from strengthening her powers through an abusive upbringing. While she could still feel energies from all around her, she held back and learned to mold into what others wanted of her instead of her actual self, as a means of survival. Fast forward to the beginning of high school, she continued to play into these different masks and as a result, experienced a series of physically and emotionally traumatic incidents until her college years. It was during those college years where she seeked help from western specialists, only to be diagnosed and prescribed various medications for: attention deficit disorder (ADD), severe depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Despite all the medications, something was still wrong and it wasn’t until a psychiatrist had ask Alice to take a thyroid test where she started to wake up.

They had discovered hypothyroidism and was put on even more medications. Cycling back and forth between different Rxs and declining health episodes, Alice learned that medication was purely a band aid, not the remedy to the underlying issues. She needed to seek a different way of healing as western ways were not helping her. This is when she made the conscious decision to take the power back within herself through seeking different healing modalities. She worked with different specialists, a nutritionist, naturopath, traditional Chinese medicine doctor, and Ayurvedic doctor to learn about their ways of healing and learned how food is a form of medicine. She educated herself about the body as well as the mind through school, became a ruthless researcher through reading books, scholarly resources, blogs, podcasts, attended conferences and joined various support groups.

She also moved her body mindfully through yoga, running half marathons, crossfit along with trying many forms of movement, and she even taught group exercises classes. She sought spiritual work through energy healers, psychics, mediums, shamans, reiki practitioners, and through plant medicine. She discovered through all of this, that she was actually misdiagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. Energetically, getting sick with Hashimoto’s disease (an autoimmune condition) was due to years of never speaking her truth. It’s through getting sick where she was forced to finally wake up, to walk her own path and become her own advocate as opposed to relying on others to define her. All the answers that she was looking for, was actually - was within herself. She was the answer to what she was looking for all along.

As she healing her own mind, body, and spirit; she has discovered ways to improve her overall health and live a fulfilling yet balanced existence. This journey has brought her closer to who she really is - a healer, a teacher, a lover, a giver, and much more. She became a Shamanic Reiki healer, intuitive guide, and is working towards becoming a Yoga Teacher. Taking the power back and creating your own unique path can be terrifying but possible. Thus, Alice’s mission is to bring love & light in this modern day era, dictated by fear based thinking. Alice spends majority of her life supporting, healing, and empowering others through holistic, alternative ways of healing throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Feel free to benefit from the variety of healing takeaways to try out on your own, and to further the inner work through her healing offerings and products.




Born and raised in the Oakland Bay Area… I’ve been here all my life

5 languages

I speak Cantonese, Toisan, Mandarin, English, Français, and even a bit of Español

I sure can eat

I can eat really quickly, so much to the point where I can win in a food eating competition

clairvoyant line

I could see and feel energies every since I was a young child… I come from a line of clairvoyants


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