Wondr Woman Series (WWS) : Asha Patel Designs

I believe in sharing our love for wellness by coming together with the wonder women whose work and values align with what we all do. 

Here is Asha Patel who’s jewelry line carry such homage to her lineage, her values, and the beautiful energy that we all need in our everyday lives. I’ve been a long time admirer of Asha Patel Designs and am so fortunate while grateful to be able to interview this very talented woman. I hope you will enjoy this interview and find it so incredibly expansive.


What is your name and your company’s name?

My company is Asha Patel Designs

What does Wondr mean to you?

Wonder is an open expanse, like passing through a magical door to the rare and unexpected with a feelings of awe and the sublime. Wonder is a state of being, that if we are fortunate, we never grow out of.


What does your company stand for?

Our jewelry is inspired by heritage, crafted with love, and fortified with intention.

Through a sense of heritage we are reminded of our origin, deeply and firmly established in Source. Source differs by individual and for some it is their place in community or within family, or its achieved by drawing inspiration from mindfully sourced gemstones deeply steeped within the earth. Heritage is identical for each of us - to trust we are tethered to the origin of our nourishment, wisdom, and the necessary strength to become the best of who we are - in order to give the most of ourselves to others, in meaningful and intentional ways.

What problems do you solve for our community?

At Asha Patel Design we believe beauty is a pathway to the Divine. Each piece created is symbolized by gemstones and designed to express one’s own unique, personal characteristics. It is from this standpoint that we solve one’s need for self identification and self expression. The multitude of ways individuals express themselves through jewelry is deeply unique, but always symbolic. It is from this beautiful, awe inspiring lens that each individual defines their own narratives and expresses their own individuality.

We give back to our community through sewa (Sanskrit for Selfless Efforts for Welfare of All), whether monetarily or with our time. Asha Patel Designs supports two organizations keen on social change: ‘She’s the First’, a nonprofit organization mobilizing students and young professionals to fight gender inequality through education, and ‘Every Mother Counts’ an accredited charity working to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for everyone on our planet.

How did we cross paths? What do you think about our relationship/partnership?

Our first introduction was made via Joanne at Encarnacion, and from that time it was apparent you are a healer with a passionate, heartfelt commitment to wellness. We share a congruent alignment, powered by the intention of gemstones and their ability to impart positive energy most needed in modern times.


What suggestions do you have for people who are trying to create their own Wonderland in your realm (business industry)?

I encourage everyone to live out your calling as a creative human. Be patient regardless of the circumstances, smile in times of tragedy and triumph, and look for ways to create connection with others and elevate mankind.

What is one piece of advice that you want to spark inside of each of our AIW community members?
Dream big.

Where can we find you and would you be so kind to share your social channels links too?

You may be able to find Asha Patel Designs via my website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as follows: