Breathwork for beginners


I’m so excited that you’ve chosen to inquire in this further, this is another modality that I find so powerful and I hope that you may find it useful too.


For those of you who are brand spanking new, here’s how the breath works:

  1. This style of Breathwork is a three-part active meditation that’s both inhaled and exhaled through the mouth. It’s best to do this Breathwork lying down without a pillow (to keep your throat chakra nice and unobstructed).

  2. The first inhale breathes into the lower belly - where our second and third chakras are. This is the part of the body where we tend to hold emotions and deep seeded beliefs about ourselves and the world. Breathing into this area stirs all that up.

  3. Now, before exhaling the first breath, we breathe a second inhale into the upper chest - where our heart/fifth chakra is. This breath is about washing our emotions with self-compassion and love. This is also the area of the body where we tend to hold grief (in the lungs) and this breath can help loosen our grip on our attachment to that sadness.

  4. Finally, we can exhale - letting go of everything we just brought to the surface with those two breaths. This is the moment of full release - to trust that by letting go of emotions and beliefs that no longer serve us, we are creating space for new and beautiful things to take their place.

Breathwork has been hugely transformative for me. Since being introduced to this work I’ve:

  • Let go of fear and scarcity - while gaining a deeper sense of trust in the workings of the universe

  • Healed from trauma of sexual assault, domestic and childhood abuse

  • Tapped into my intuition more deeply - including receiving regular “downloads” and messages from my guides

  • Manifested an abundant life full of love and joy

  • Reached some of my personal professional five-year goals in less than a year

I’m not going to lie or sugar-coat anything for you here. All of the transformations I mentioned above happened through longer, deeper Breathwork sessions. But those experiences inspired me to incorporate this work daily in a shorter format.


Thus, I’ll like for you to implement this 12-minute breathwork challenge into your routine for about 7 days! I’ll really love for you to do this with me. Yep, I said with me because we are in this together. That’s what this challenge is all about: Seeing what shifts and transformations we can make in our everyday life by moving our energy for just 12-minutes per day.

Here’s how this challenge will work:

  1. For the next seven days, all you have to do is carve out 12-minutes that day to lie down and breathe. (Carve out a bit more time if you want to relax a bit or journal afterwards.)

  2. Read each daily prompt below and put it into practice!

  3. That’s it! Rinse and repeat!


Welcome to the first day of the challenge!

At the start of anything new, I like to set an intention. I use it as a guiding light or northern star - it keeps me rooted to my why and motivated to continue forward.

I like to keep my intentions simple and direct. No need making life more complicated than it already is, right?

My intention when I completed this challenge?

To be open and curious.

It was my first time doing Breathwork in this shorter form for seven days straight and I was purely curious and excited to see what shifts and openings would occur in my life after the week was through.


Instead of setting an intention right this moment, what if you asked your inner guidance what intention would serve you best?

Today, after the second song ends, release the active breath and start to relax into the third song. Relax your mind, open your heart, and ask for your intention to be shown to you. Be curious and open to what comes in.


When I relax my mind, open my heart, and ask for my intention to surface, I’m shown…


I want to let you all know that there’s no one “right” way to do this work.

It’s super common to worry that you’re not breathing correctly or that they’re not focusing on the “right” things during the breath - but the truth is this: Scrutinizing our practice and worrying about doing things “right” is just another of resisting our release of control.

Breathwork is all about getting out of our brains and into our bodies, but doing that takes the willingness to release control. The brain LOVES being in control and has a lot of fear and resistance around getting in the backseat.

To truly let the intentions we set yesterday come to fruition, we must be willing to let go of our attachment to specific outcomes. Attachments strangle manifestation magic. And the truth is, the perfection we seek to control is nothing compared to the surprise and delight of the unexpected experience.


My lesson for you today is this: Let go of any preconceived notions of what this practice should look like or how want your intention to manifest. Fully release your thinking brain and drop into your feeling body.


When I relax my mind, open my heart, and ask myself where I need to release control I hear...


Hello breather!

How do you feel after doing this work a couple days in a row so far? Relaxed? Creative? Confident? Irritated? There’s no right or wrong answer here - just a chance to drop into our bodies and notice how we’re feeling.

For me, by my third day in I was feeling a bit more motivated and invigorated after my sessions. There were a few projects that I had been feeling pretty stuck around and my day two session gave me some much needed clarity and relief.

So for today's lesson, we're going to meet the universe half way. On the first we set our intentions, then yesterday we released control over the outcomes, but now we're going to take an intentional action to show our commitment to seeing our intention through.


My lesson for you today is this: Go back to your intention you wrote down on day one. Try to imagine what it will feel like when your intention manifests. Really drop into your body and imagine yourself getting exactly what you hoped for. What does that feel like? Decide on one action you can take to get you one step closer to that feeling. That's the action that shows the universe you’re ready to meet it halfway.


When I relax my mind, open my heart, and drop into my body, the action I’m encouraged to take is...


Congrats - you’re over halfway through your week of daily Breathwork!

What parts have you liked? Loved? Hated? What parts of this experiment do you think you’ll incorporate into your life after this challenge? Hit reply and tell me - I’m honestly curious and want to know.

Today I want to acknowledge that this work can be really difficult or physically uncomfortable for some people. The breath is literally over-oxygenating our cells and releasing endorphins we aren’t used to feeling so intensely. This can result in some pretty wild physical sensations in our bodies.

Some of us feel those sensations more intensely than others.

Some of us feel those sensations in different areas of the body than others.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - there’s no right or wrong way to do this work. So know that your experience is both common and unique all at the same time - and that in itself is f***ing great!

Today I'm asking you to honor both the positive and negative feelings that come up for you during this work. You wouldn’t be feeling them if you weren’t ready to engage with them.


My lesson for you today is this: If you start to feel lightheaded, anxious, or find yourself tightening up (in your hands, chest, stomach) during the breathwork, say out loud to yourself, “It’s safe to be in my body. It’s safe to open my heart,” and continue on with the breath.


When I relax my mind, open my heart, and drop into the physical sensations, I notice my body telling me...


One of the biggest impacts Breathwork has made in my life this year is the way it’s helped me tune into some deep and trusted wisdom.

Just like any other type-A, driven, over-achieving business woman out there, I can easily get caught up in my head and overthink things. I all too often sweat the small stuff. I worry that if I don’t make the right choice, everything I’ve built will come crumbling down.

My logical brain knows that this fretting about is complete bullsh*t, but my lizard brain likes to open its big lizard mouth and take a bite out of my logical brain - resulting in a complete and total freak out.

This is where Breathwork comes in. When the lizard brain takes over I know I’ve lost it and that I need some outside perspective. That's when I breathe.

The messages and clarity I receive during and after Breathwork is incomparable. Even pulling tarot cards (which I do quite regularly) doesn’t give me as much insight and clarity that Breathwork can bring.

Today you’re going to tap into that wisdom yourself.


My lesson for you today is this: Bring someone to mind who you implicitly trust. This could be anyone (living or deceased) - your imagination is the limit. Maybe it’s a fictional character or an ancient archetype. Whoever it is, bring them to mind during the third song relaxation time and ask them what guidance they have to share with you.


When I relax my mind, open my heart, and invite my guides in, they share with me...


I have a confession to make: Some days I just don’t wanna do Breathwork.

Maybe it’s that I’m feeling emotionally vulnerable that day and can’t imagine opening up my heart even more. Maybe it’s that I’m caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and have convinced myself that <<insert mundane task of your choosing here>> is more important than my breath practice.

Maybe it’s those things. But probably it’s more likely that I’ve fallen out of my routine and am having a hard time getting back up on that horse.

For me, my biggest struggle with this work, is my ability to commit to it regularly and use it as preventative care.

How have I found success in my practice? I do best when I lay down to breathe first thing in the morning - before I can get distracted by my phone, my inbox, or even my husband. This ensures that I’ll receive my messages at my most clear-headed point in my day.


My lesson for you today is this: Think about any other healthy habits and routines you’re able to easily stick to. What are the common themes and threads between them? The time of day you practice? Where you practice? Having a certain someone hold you accountable? How you reward yourself after? Get curious about what support and resources you need to move from struggle to success.


When I relax my mind, open my heart, and envision myself living a happy and healthy life, I see myself...


Wow - you’re here! You’ve reached day seven of this challenge. A sincere congratulations are in order. You’ve taken some time out every day for the last week to be tender towards yourself, open your heart, and drop into your body. I’m proud of you.


What changes have you noticed since this time last week? Are you feeling calmer? More grounded? Full of trust and guidance?

What about your physical body? What changes have arisen since you started this challenge? Sounder sleep? Deeper breathing? Less aches and pains?

How about your intention? Did it shift and change over the course of the seven days? Has any of it come to pass or manifest in some way? Any surprisingly delightful synchronicities occur?

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to do this work, so anything and everything that came up for you during the challenge is perfect.

If it was all sunshine and unicorns - woohoo! Do a happy dance.

If it was a bit darker and scarier - that’s beautiful too. Those things are showing up because you’re ready to work on them.

Wondering where to go with this work from here? I’ll be popping back in your inbox tomorrow with a few suggestions and resources for you. Until then - keep breathing!


My lesson for you today is this: just lay back and enjoy it! Be proud of your accomplishment and have gratitude for your commitment. Love yourself deeply today during your practice.


When I relax my mind and open my heart, these are all the things I love about myself...

What was your experience like? I’m curious to know!

Through my breath I was able to discover that I didn't actually love myself, and I finally learned what that means. Now I support others as they journey into their pain and learn to love themselves through it. Self-love is the path to true happiness, and it's the solution to most of our emotional struggles.

Thank you for continuing to be part of my journey. I look forward to learning how the breathwork practices support you and sharing your insights with our community.