Check out these Eco-Conscious Activewear Brands

Lately, I’ve been really into discussing the topic about sacred consumption. As I think more about my sacred consumption of the world, I want to shed light on my sacred consumption as a consumer, of the clothes that I buy and what I decide to put on my body
We all have a choice as to what to wear and how to express ourselves
This should ring true towards your values and how you want to approach the world
I want to approach the world with kindness and mindfulness, this is why I am moving away from fast fashion
Granted fast fashion is cheaper but when I think about larger scheme of things, 
I think about the implications of it, how it affects the resources used to make a product, the workers used to creating it, the social impacts of these low wage workers and of course, how it affects the planet
It makes me sad
It made sad to think about my mom, grandmother and countless others working in sweatshops just to get by in life 
And, as I am also trying to get through in this privileged life; I want to honor these hardworking beings by making this conscious shift

And this comes with eco-conscious activewear! I love being active as it is one of my favorite ways to recenter and self care. Thus, it's important than ever to find eco conscious activewear companies that employ responsible labor standards and environmental practices. With fair trade and ethical labor practices, natural and recycled fabrics, USA made and limited and conscious production, these brands are doing their part to provide consumers with high-performance activewear while protecting both people and planet. Let us know your favorites!

  1. Outdoor Voices — Outdoor Voices was founded on the principle of creating high-quality activewear that encourages wearers to get out and do things. Outdoor Voices provides sustainable - high quality, made-to-sweat-in textiles and while activewear has a track record for being tough to produce and recycle, they’re passionate about finding ways to manufacture their materials and styles more sustainably. Plus, they’re cute too!

  2. Girlfriend Collective — they believe the best fashion is not about trends - it's about quality and Recycled Fabrics.

  3. Groceries Apparel — this la powerhouse creates comfortable and durable clothing for women and men while also having sustainable production practices and are made from the best natural and/or recycled materials. Their vegetable-dyed leggings are my favorite for yoga (and for lounging afterwards!)

  4. ALALA — For the women who are trying to balancing work, play, love and life… alala redefines the meaning of living an active life with these functional fashionable pieces.

  5. Teeki — Teeki believes in repurposing that plastic into fibers for their athletic wear. Their styles are perfect for the dancer or yoga lover who prefers the vintage look in light, fun colors.

  6. Patagonia — B-Corp that is committed to building the best products for those who love the great outdoors while also supporting the environment in the process. Patagonia is an athlete’s paradise - no matter what you need to get and stay fit and active, trust us, they got your back.

  7. Alo Yoga — They inspire a consciousness practice on the mat and putting it into the practice of life… They create garments that carry over to the street, into a life lived consciously, takes mindful movement one step further: a beautiful life celebrated with forward design.

  8. Beyond Yoga — They are dedicated to transparent, ethical and responsible practices that support the people we work with. Sustainability is at the forefront of every stage in creating your garment. We aim to produce our clothing locally, crafted with love in our LA offices and facilities.

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