Get Over Intimidation with Yoga


Have you ever thought about going to a yoga class but STOP yourself from going because you tell yourself…

“I'm not flexible enough...”

“I need to lose weight first...”

“I don't bend that way...”

“I'm too old for that...”

“I don't want to be in a room with a bunch of experienced people who have been doing it for years...”

“Yoga seems cultish… “

The list goes on...

I get it! Yoga can be so intimidating. It may be hard to believe but I was once at that place too. There was no way that I would be able to do yoga, I am not flexible what so ever! To this day, I am not saying that I am a pro but I now approach yoga with an entirely new lens. And, I was able to do that by getting uncomfortable and trying a couple of classes out. I told myself that I would try it to try it and I am so glad that I did! Here are some simple steps towards helping you get over your intimidation with yoga:


Even if you don't see yourself practicing yoga for one hour every day, start small and add 5-10 minutes of gentle stretching and breathing.  Do this in the morning, evening or whenever is best for your busy schedule!  Carving this time out will not only benefit your muscles, but it will benefit your mind.  You'll start to notice that you feel *NEW* or refreshed afterward.  The combination of the breath and the physical form of yoga are why people get "BIT by the yoga bug."


I promise you this, you will become experienced with time.  If you practice once or twice a week, you may be at the beginner phase for a longer period of time, but if you practice 4-6 times a week, you'll grow physically, mentally and spiritually faster than you think.  It doesn't even have to be one hour a week.  Even 20 minutes (4-6 days a week) will change your body and your outlook!  Once you know the basic poses, I want to challenge you to join an intermediate level class. You’ll be surprised with yourself with how far you’ve come. :)

Most of the time, we don't try something new because our mind tells us we won't be good at it or; we act based off of fear which presents limitations.  Go into yoga with an open heart and open mind that you CAN do it!  Better yet, go into it just for fun.  And if a pose seems too challenging, know that it is a great opportunity for growth within your body's ability and your minds ability to accept and OVERCOME a new challenge.  I guarantee when you try that pose again, you may find it to be easier because your brain already knows what to expect.


Literally, you can practice yoga anywhere. You can do it at home, watching an app from your phone or from a Youtube video on your computer. There are thousands of resources and tutorials out there. There are TONS of yoga teaching professionals who offer short classes and tutorials.  Try a few teachers to get the fundamentals down first, and then; try yoga at home!

It's not a "one size fits all" type of movement.  There are TONS of different types of yoga and I believe that there is a teacher, or a style that will suit EVERYONE.  A few off the top of my head are Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Hot Yoga, Kundalini, Bikram, Ashtanga, Pre-natal yoga, etc.  Do a little research first on google or explore them all to find what suits your personality and your lifestyle! I know Yoga Tree in the San Francisco, Bay Area has plenty of varieties of yoga to try. It was through Yoga Tree where I was able to try everything!

How do see yoga now? Are you starting to create space from those negative associations that you've built up in your mind about yoga?  All it takes is to get uncomfortable, to step outside of your comfort zone to take a class, to download that app, watch that youtube video, and just get on the mat.  Your body and mind will thank you for it!  And remember, this is a practice… HAVE FUN! 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️

With love & light,