Earth Day is all about honoring the planet that we love to live on. Sometimes it gets easy to get carried away with not appreciating the earth that we live on. The lack of care shows a lot of it shows from climate changes and the list truly goes on. Thus, Earth Day is a lovely reminder to learn how to live a more mindful, eco-friendly, and sustainable lifestyle, and then putting that knowledge into practice. So what better way to honor the planet than by committing to greener living year round! It’s easy to be an environmentalist in the new millennium if we can learn to adopt a higher level of conscious thinking which follows these green living tips:

1. Buy Local & In-Season Certified Organic Products

Be conscious of your consumerism by buying from a sustainable brand or from B corp companies whenever possible. A sustainable brand or B corp is a company (large or small) which has committed to environmental best practices that have a positive impact on people and planet. Green products lack harmful chemicals and some even perform better than their toxic alternatives. I have high hopes that green products will become more affordable as consumers make this the norm. Try Grove Collaborative for discounted natural home good products to try out for yourself (you’ll get a 5-piece gift set and receive $10 after your first purchase).

Buying local, in-season organic groceries is good for your body along with the environment. Buying locally also cuts down on product transportation costs and fuel consumption which makes for healthier air quality. Try shopping at farmers’ markets or choosing produce from local growers. It has even helped me manage my own autoimmune and mental health… For the better!

2. Ride Bikes & Take Public Transport

Speaking of transportation, try sharing a ride with a friend, taking public transportation or riding a bike when traveling locally. Go for walks/hikes in nature, but don’t veer off marked trails and maintain a safe distance from any animals you encounter. If you have to fly, book non-stop whenever possible since a significant percentage of a plane’s carbon emissions come from takeoff and landing.

You can also purchase a road, hybrid or electric vehicles as well as cars with high MPG. The next time you need to go somewhere nearby, try walking while you’re out!

3. Use a Reusable Bottle and Bags

Stay hydrated on the go with reusable bottles instead of plastic ones which travel thousands of miles before you buy it and often ends up in a landfill or as waste pollution. I often use my Grove Collaborative Glass Soma Water bottle or a Swell bottle.

Throw-away plastic bags are one of the worst pollutants because it doesn’t break down or decompose into nature. But it does release toxic chemicals into the air and kill wildlife, so just avoid it altogether. IF you really need to use it, I highly recommend BIOBAG’s Resealable Food Storage Bag Set.

4. Turn Off Water / Lights & Unplug

Turning the lights off when not using them and installing water conserving appliances. Unplug appliances or cell phone chargers when they are not in use and try incorporating LED lights where you can. Also, be sure to leverage natural sunlight to brighten your day and try not to run the water while you brush your teeth!

The U.S. Department of Energy also recommends installing compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) in your outdoor porch light and bathroom vanity which are the most frequently used fixtures in a home. Proper ventilation of the attic also keeps the roof deck cool and dry, extending the life of roof shingles and preventing ice dams without using the energy needed to run an attic vent fan. Use your microwave or toaster oven to reheat or cook small portions which can reduce cooking energy by as much as 80%.

5. Recycle and Compost

It’s easy to forget to recycle or compost in our homes, but doing this makes a huge difference for the planet. It’s worth the extra second it takes to rinse out the milk or yogurt container and throw it in the blue bin. It’s worth it to invest into a compostable bin and put in your biodegradable food scraps there too. Check out this recycling guide for what can be recycled and look at this how to compost guide here too.

6. Opt for paperless bills

Save trees and reduce paper waste by having your internet, electricity, doctor, and other bills sent to you electronically.

7. Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to get involved in your local community, meet new people and have a positive impact in your area. Look into local environmental groups, animal shelters and even organizations which lend help to other people in need. There are many volunteer opportunities for a variety of interests and specialties. Our company just recently helped out with rehabilitating apart of the Golden Gate Park and we have also done Ocean clean ups before too!

8. Plant a Garden

If you are fortunate to have a yard or a shared community garden, try planting your own local organic food. It feels liberating to reap what you grow and sow!

9. Give Thanks to Mother Earth

Conduct a short gratitude meditation each morning that gives thanks for the beauty of this incredible Earth. Spend time in nature and feel the connection you have to the entire planet. Feeling appreciation for Earth is not only a great way to send good vibes to the planet, but it also feels great and inspires you to remember to live with these greener habits!

Embrace These Green Living Tips To Create A Sustainable Planet!

As we continue our evolution from industrial nation states to an advanced global civilization, it’s up to us to embrace a greener habits which lead to a sustainable world. Tackling the issue of climate change is a massive challenge, but it can be overcome with the participation of each individual on planet Earth being just a little more green. Fortunately this daunting task is made easy if everyone can commit to doing these five small things differently, which in turn add up to compounding big impact.