Integrating Shamanic Reiki in your everyday


I wasn’t always a happy or spiritual person.

In fact, I was a miserable human being for a really long time. I just didn’t show anyone it with all the masks that I put on. And, I didn’t start to change things up until I got sick with an autoimmune condition. This autoimmune condition made me so sick where it prevented me from putting up any masks at all. I didn’t have the energy for it and with that journey, it forced me to be the real me. Which has brought me to the beauty of Shamanic Reiki. The beginning of my training made me believe that it was my duty to heal with Shamanic Reiki. When, in actuality; I am Shamanic Reiki.

Shamanic Reiki is not just something I practice on myself to heal or on others to assist them in their own well being. Shamanic Reiki is an integral part of my life. It is something I acknowledge throughout my day, from the moment I wake up until I fall asleep at night. I see and feel it as a vast and living energy that connects me, to my Higher self. I also connect to the Universal Life Force Energy energy in everything that I do throughout my day. I understand it as a critical part of my spiritual path.

Here are some ways you can also incorporate Shamanic Reiki into your day. Use your creativity to see what other ways you can think of to invite this beautiful energy into your life.

1. Set the tone for the beginning of your day with setting an intention, gratitude list, meditate and infuse that beautiful practice with self Shamanic Reiki. This spiritual practice is a wonderful time to tune in, allowing yourself to become more familiar with it or to allow the energy to flow to yourself for self healing.

2. When you leave for the day, take a moment to send Shamanic Reiki to your trip ahead. You can also send Shamanic Reiki to the destination you are headed to and to any situation you will be arriving into. Good vibes!

3. Bless your meals and groceries with Shamanic Reiki. I do this everytime when I cook.

4. Pause during the busy work day by incorporating some self Shamanic Reiki. Create energetic boundaries and contemplate ways that this life force energy surrounds and interconnects us all. Think of how this understanding might affect your spiritual practices of compassion, kindness, forgiveness and gratitude.

5. I share Shamanic Reiki with my loved ones - human beings, and even animals too! Please always ask for their permission whether you are sending distance healing, healing to them or items that belong to them.

6. If you have any houseplants, cut flowers or a garden, honor and nourish them as they honor you. Give them an energy exchange by offering them Shamanic Reiki! It is also useful to treat their soil and water with Shamanic Reiki. My plants have been thriving with the love that I share with it!

7. Use Shamanic Reiki to regularly cleanse and protect the energy of your home or work environment. You can also use Shamanic Reiki to quickly clear or charge your crystals and with any spiritual tools that you have.

8. If you happen to be a conflict, tap into the Shamanic Reiki to the situation and breathe. Bring ease to yourself as well as the other party to the difficult emotions and bring about a resolution to the issue.

9. At the end of the day, I send Shamanic Reiki to your sleeping quarters. It’s amazing how well I can sleep or the dreams that I have during them.

Remember that once you start applying Shamanic Reiki to parts of your day, you’ll find that you add this beautiful energy healing practice to everything. You will soon find that it becomes a part of you. Your spiritual practice and Shamanic Reiki will be intertwined and your life will be a spiritual practice. That doesn’t mean you will be perfect, but you will see how to honor life and yourself in more ways all the time.