How to Use Your Lifestyle as Medicine


For as long as I could remember, I always felt unwell but often kept that inside of me.

Years later after the lack of self love, self worth and following other paths besides my own; I was faced with an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s disease.

I realized then I needed to change my old ways to living as it is was no longer serving me anymore. This of which has brought to me seek many different healing modalities and changing my once-then lifestyle as one of them.

It took a long time but I can finally say that I am in a much better place than I was before. I used my lifestyle as medicine. I live and breathe it and I promise that you can do the same thing.

Before we get into this, a couple of guidelines and please repeat this to yourself:

  1. I will show myself self compassion

  2. I will be honest

  3. I will be brave

  4. I will own my process

Now get into a comfortable seated or standing position. Take a 5 second deep inhale in and 5 second deep inhale out. Repeat this for 5 times… actually, let’s do one more deep inhale in and sigh out with that deep exhale! AHHHH! :)

Now let’s take a moment to reflect…

  1. Let’s think a guilty pleasure of yours and a way that you see a form of self care. What are yours?

  2. How was that process like for you? Is there any guilt associated with this pleasure of yours? Is your form of self care different or similar to your “guilty” pleasure?

It’s time to debunk the guilt. Why is there guilt associated with it? Does it correlate to your frame of wellness or is it something else entirely?

Now, let’s think about your scope of wellness…

  1. What can you brag about?

  2. What are you grateful about?

  3. What do you desire?

  4. Did you have any challenges thinking about your brag, what you were grateful for and what you desired?

  5. Now in terms of your desires, what is prohibiting or inhibiting you from making that come to life? Let’s meditate on that one… Take 5 deep inhales and exhales again. Imagine your desire right in front of you and now imagine how you would make that happen, imagine what is stopping you and approach it. Push past it. Now imagine your loved one having a similar desire as yours. What advice would you share with your loved one? What do you feel like would be helpful? Now apply that love towards yourself.

WELLNESS IS BEYOND JUST FITNESS AND NUTRITION. It’s all embodying... I didn't realize wellness was so interconnected until I was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease. Throughout the years, I realized that my healing journey required more than just fitness and nutrition... I needed (and still do) a blend of the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental lifestyle changes too. My lifestyle has helped me manage my chronic condition (and hopefully reverse).

Now wellness is very interconnected. Here are my facets of wellness":



  • MIND


  • REST




Now, for you…

  1. What is your definition of Wellness? What are you optimizing for your wellness? What are your wellness values?

  2. Choose two wellness facets that speak to you. Can you share a brag, gratitude, and desire for each facet? Do you feel a goal?

  3. How was that process for you? Did your values align with your goals? How was this process like for you? It’s okay to see some interconnections between these facets too.

Now let’s put your goals into action!

  1. What did your meditation and these prompts make you realize?

  2. What are you two wellness priorities?

  3. What is your motivation to focus on them?

  4. What is a wellness practice that you want to continue?

  5. What a practice that no longer serves you?

  6. What is one step that you can take towards improving your wellness this week?

  7. How can you stay accountable?

Now think of one commitment that you stick to this week and say that out loud to yourself.

My friend, you just set an intention with using your lifestyle as medicine. Please feel free to repeat this as many times as necessary. <3

ADVICEAlice Chen