Manifest Your Healing

Sometimes it's easier to numb the pain we feel than to experience the true depth of our emotions.
Because emotions can hurt us, but what hurts most, is keeping it bottled up inside without properly channeling that energy.
Some people don't even have the privilege of channeling that energy because they always live in fight or flight and overwhelmed by trauma and the forces that have caused it.
So again, it's easier to numb the pain, but it's only a temporary solution.
Pain will always surface back to the top.
And when it does, it will peak its ugly head in the worse ways.
Stay mindful of how you numb your pain.
Here are some examples of how you might be doing just that:

Be open to the healing journey => because healing is a path, not a destination

Commit to an unlimited timeline => because healing happens at it’s own pace

Have an open dialogue with your pain => because it’s a part of you that needs to be heard

Go deep, even when it feels scary => because the deeper you go, the bigger the healing