My story

Hello, beautiful beings! 

It's been a while and I see some new yet familiar faces.  Allow met to introduce/re-introduce myself:

My name is Alice Chen.

I am a 30 year Chinese American who lives in San Francisco, CA.

I LOVE people, I've made it my life's mission to serve people. It gives me such wonder.

Pink (rose quartz with subtle hints of dusty rose) is my favorite color 

- Back at college, I studied Sociology, Psychology, and Asian American Studies. 

- As far as my life's work: I am a Light worker - A Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner, Intuitive Coach, Yoga Teacher Trainee, and also give advice about Autoimmunity. I practice here in SF and virtually too. 

- Currently, my full-day time gig is a C-Level Executive Assistant at Grove Collaborative.

To be honest, I was not always so positive and pleasant to be around growing up, I was a very angry person that has come from an upbringing of physical, emotional, and verbal abuse. I continued this vicious cycle from a small child until I was 25 years old. These faced challenges along the way has built me into who I am today. Read my story below:

I had grown up in a family that looked fine on the outside but like most families, had challenges on the inside. My mom had dealt with years of abuse (all kind of it, you name it) and had tucked it away under a rug until she came to the United States with my father. Until she had her first child (ME), she began to go down this rabbit hill of challenges and facing her demons. She had saw so much of herself in me and which continued this cycle of abuse.

A little back story, she comes from a clairvoyant lineage; meaning that people within her family had psychic abilities. For example, my grandfather who is a Feng Shui Master, medium and psychic was frowned upon. He has the ability to see and predicts the future, and made efforts to stop the continuation of this to his own offspring. It was a shameful part of their existence, much of which was kept under wraps. Lineages ago, people who had these sort of powers were ostracized, and to be apart of civilization; they needed to act "normal". She was taught early on to prohibit strengthening any sort of intuitive abilities. It was done to her and there was so much pain there which closed her portals.

Now going back to her seeing herself in me, I "see" and "talk" to people in the normal eye would not see. I could also tap into other people's energies and disturbances, I would tell them that they should say this to someone or that. Trying to resolve their problems, I flocked to people; wanting to help them based off the information that I was getting from guides around me. My mother saw this and became fearful, she didn't want this to happen to me so she too, did what she had to do to protect me from being ostracized from my community. Which lead to an emotionally, verbally, and physically abusive upbringing. The pain from that should mask tapping into or strengthening any intuitive gifts. The way in which how she raised me became my framework of the world and how I saw myself. 

I know that through her own socialization and upbringing, she did the best that she could even though she was hurting. I did not understand it back then but I have compassion for her now. She was hurting and somehow thought her doing this was would make me stronger. She wanted a better life for me than this, she did not want me to suffer nor struggle. I know that through her own socialization and upbringing, she did the best that she could even though she was hurting. I didn't understand it then but I do now. She was hurting and somehow thought she can raise me to be better and it did.

Eventually, I was then raised by my grandmother (dad's side) and had learned to push everything else before myself. Seeing my family struggle to make ends meet with low wage work in harsh working conditions, I was taught to study and do well in school, succeed and give back to taking care of your elders when they get older. I learned to not embrace myself who had a lot of feelings and could see so many things, who wanted to become an artist rather than make money. I had learned to put on many different masks in the process. Being that I can read people, I lost myself in this process in "doing" for others that I did not know who I was. I lived my life for others and repeated toxic patterns of being with people who did not value my self worth. I dated people who physically, emotionally, and physically abused me. An ex of mine even proposed to me with trying to keep me in this pattern of toxic living (thankfully I let that go). 
Though after years of living that way, I eventually made some money to get some professional help; I was given pills right away to bandaid the issues going on. And, I just felt numb. I wanted to get back to feeling everything again and so, I, in a very toxic way; went through this pattern drinking heavily and doing more drugs on top of what I was prescribed to feel just a little bit of something. These pills only made me more sick, and were not getting to the root cause of why I was so ill.

After frequent yet multiple doctor visits that I was misdiagnosed with an autoimmune condition all my life. My autoimmune condition was Hashimoto's disease, a disease of the thyroid. My own body attacks itself, especially the thyroid... the thyroid is connected to all the major organs in the body. It's seen as an invisible disease which is why the common eye may not suspect anything wrong but most days are challenging. Energetically, I felt like I had gotten this disease due to exposure of toxic chemicals around my environment, from fast fashion clothes, to ingesting GMO foods, to wearing "beauty" products, consuming toxic patterns, and so much more. 

I had realized that the way that I was living before was no longer serving me and after a debilitating hospital visit, this forced me to seek different healing modalities. All of which has concluded me to find that it is so important to be mindful of your consumption of everything in this world, some things can throw you off-course and throw you off BALANCE. It's important to build awareness when you are feeling this way and to catch yourself and to get back into it. 

This journey had taken me years to figure out, as it will continue to. Since then that realization, I have taken steps towards taking my life back into my own hands again even with a challenging autoimmune condition. I've changed my lifestyle habits to more sustainable ways of living: I use Food as Medicine now so opt for more nutrient dense foods that don't flare me up, I wear sustainable fabrics also knowing that they use natural dyes and that these companies that I am supporting are treating their workers importantly too.

Nowadays, I am working towards healing myself and also guiding people to heal themselves along in the process. I am also fascinated with food as medicine, personal development, sustainable fashion, sustainable living, and energetic~mindful movement. WELLNESS!