Shamanic Reiki Energy Shield for Energy Vampires

WE ALL ENCOUNTER IT, the energy vampires who suck the living life and energy out of all of us. Not every situation is favorable and to our liking. In life, we are bound to meet people who will be unkind and insensitive. We are also likely to encounter people, situations and places with harsh and heavy energies.

Many people are not affected by the energies of other people or situations. Their energy fields have the strength of amours that no lower energy can penetrate. And there are others who are easily affected by lower energies and harsh situations. If you belong to the latter category, do not despair. It does not mean that your energy field is not good enough. Just like we are physically different, it is normal for people to be energetically different. The makeup of your energy body suits the purpose you came here to accomplish and the lessons you chose to learn.

Honor your sensitivity. Do not be ashamed of it. To make things easier, stay away from people and situations that leave you feeling vulnerable and drained. Crowded places, violent movies and books, sensational media reports, soap operas, extreme forms of materialism, gossip mongers and the like can have a draining effect on you. As a sensitive person, you tend to absorb the energies emitted by them and feel miserable in the process.

Stay away from these triggers not because you are superior and the rest of the world is fallen. The Ego may take this opportunity to put you on a superficial pedestal of superiority. This is just not true and will leave you feeling more drained eventually. Everyone has the same spark of divinity in them. However, people are here to learn different lessons and they will also grow in awareness when the time is right for them. Since you have already commenced your journey in awareness, your energies resonate more and more with purity and love. You cannot tolerate lower energies until you reach a point on your spiritual journey when nothing affects you anymore. Until then, be gentle with yourself and keep away from anything that drains you.

What about situations that we cannot avoid? Since we live in a practical world, we are often forced to be in situations that leave us feeling vulnerable. For instance, if you need to visit someone admitted at a hospital, you have no choice but to go there physically. Or you may have to attend a party in which you find people gossiping, smoking, drinking excessively or just doing something that is not to your taste. At other times, just talking to some people or visiting their homes can drain you of energy.

You will know you have absorbed harsh energy from other people or situations when you feel irritable, moody, fatigued and drained for no obvious reason. You can protect yourself with a shield of Reiki when you find those feelings coming on. Better yet would be to go into potentially draining situations with a shield of Shamanic Reiki around you.

Here is one way you create your Shamanic Reiki shield:

  1. Take a deep breath.

  2. Make a request to Shamanic Reiki:

    “Dear Shamanic Reiki, please form a protective shield of your energy around me. Thank you”

  3. After you say this, visualize a stream of Shamanic Reiki moving around you in circular movements and forming an energy shield that resembles a tube. You can start forming this shield from the top of your head and go on till you reach your feet. Visualize the symbols Sei Hei Ki and Cho Ku Rei moving in the shield.

  4. If you like working with light and color, you can also add an additional layer of white or pink light over your Shamanic Reiki shield. If not, just the Shamanic Reiki shield would do. Make a request as follows,

    “Dear White/Pink Light, please form a shield of love and protection around my body. Thank you”

    Visualize the light of your choice forming another layer over your Shamanic Reiki shield and emitting love. This layer not only keeps you from being affected by other energies, but it also emits love and light. This benefits the people or situations that were draining you of energy.

Remember to wear your Shamanic Reiki shield when need be and venture out fearlessly. No lower energies can touch you when you are enveloped in love and light.

Be free and enjoy life!