How to Take Advantage of Your Time


One of the biggest excuses people give me about why they can’t move their bodies, meditate, try energy work or take care of themselves because they don’t have time.

That’s a straight up excuse.

There are 168 hours in a week.

Time is only a construct of our reality and we get to CHOOSE what we WANT to do. It just depends on how we want to spend our time. 

The truth is, you and I don’t actually suffer from a lack of time.

What we suffer from is an overabundance of distractions.

This overabundance of distractions is ruining our lives.

I believe it is possible to take the distractions out and replace them with the things that will help us achieve our goals and reach our desired level of success.

Today, the average person spends between 4-6 hours on their phone each day.

Most of those hours don’t occur while we are sleeping or while we are working.

If you spent 4-6 hours a day on your phone that means you’re left with 2-4 hours of free time.

Factor in exercise, taking time to eat, go to the bathroom, get ready for the day, get ready to go to sleep, etc., and we have even less than 2-4 hours each day

This is why we feel like we have no time to do anything, my friend!

There are so many things we do that take up our free time but in all reality, it’s our CHOICE what we do with these free hours.

How to take advantage of your time:

Eliminate the excessive amount of time you spend on your phone and email every day.

Here’s what I want you to do tomorrow:

  1. When you wake up in the morning, do not get on your phone right away.

  2. Just get up and try out a new habit like meditating or moving your body or read or do whatever it is what you need to self care for 10-15 or even 20 minutes. Serve yourself first before anyone else.

  3. Then, once you are done; get ready for the day.

  4. Getting ready for the day entails taking care of pets, getting yourself or your kids showered and dressed or hair, eating breakfast – whatever your routine is.

  5. Once you are done with the above, check your e-mail or social media channels for the first time.

  6. You’ll post if you need/want to, check all of your email and respond back to the things that need to be addressed immediately and then you will put your phone away.

  7. You have 20 minutes (maximum – you can use less time) to do this.

  8. You won’t take it out again until after lunch. After lunch, you can go back to social media and email for another 20 minutes.

  9. Your third and final time is after work / before dinner – 20 minutes only.

If you’re like me, this will be challenging because you have an addiction to your phone. You’ll come to realization whether you do or not. Be mindful that this is a practice… You will have freedom and control over your day. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and feel like you can achieve the things that you needed to do versus feeling overwhelmed by the nonstop to-do list. The work, the emails, the social media will still be there if you are not “on” 24/7. You’ll feel much better after this. I promise.