There will be a moment when...


We all tell ourselves stories all the time - ones like “I will be happy when…” or “If only I had time…” or “she or he doesn’t like me because…” or “I can’t…”

I have spent majority of my life telling myself these kind of stories which held me back and which eventually got me very sick. It’s through that awakening where I finally found the light and have made it my duty to share that light with others. I have helped countless others with what they tell themselves, so that they can be free to be who they are without the limitations that these stories provide.

Did you know all of us have the ability to choose?
To choose which story that we so tightly hold onto or to create a story entirely of our own?
Did you know that you can step out of the conditioning, the baggage or karmic seeds that we have picked up along the way in our lifetime?
Did you know that you can change the story of the past, to weave hope and love into the present and the future, so you can heal and live a peaceful life.


There will be a moment where you no longer want to reply that story, that cycle of conditioning anymore. 

When you get to that point, acknowledge and show gratitude with how much you have grown, with how that story has shaped you to get you to where you are now, and to finally let it go. 

Allow yourself to create an entirely new story, a new path of healing that serves your highest good and highest purpose. .

It's through this process where I am able to heal with my PTSD, my trauma, my stories that I sat so close with for long. You can do it too, my friend. Rooting for you. .

👇🏼 What story will you let go of and what story or path will you recreate? Share with me below👇🏼

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