What Causes Autoimmune Issues?


This is a topic that I have been forever talking about. Granted you have approached, walking, or have walked in the world of autoimmunity. Perhaps you have a loved one who is currently going through it and you want to support them. Whoever you are, bless you and I am grateful that you care enough to care. Autoimmunity is scary, confusing, and beautiful admit its chaos at the same time. If you are looking for a bit of understanding with the cause of autoimmunity. This first step is to start looking back to understanding the root cause, what caused this autoimmune condition. If you want to start healing from your autoimmune disease, it is vital that you understand what caused your autoimmune system to over-function in the first place.


By targeting the root causes of autoimmunity, you can stop the specific disease you’re dealing with…

And according to studies, toxins are the biggest cause of autoimmune issues.

Studies have proven that toxic autoimmune triggers are making us sick.

What scares me about this is that…

These hidden, silent killers are often glorified as “miracle ingredients” in our favorite products, foods and drinks that we have access to consume everyday.

A recent study proved that the average American adult is attacked by 400 legal, toxic chemicals every single day!

Even babies born today enter the world with an average of 287 chemicals in their umbilical cord blood.

Dr. Patrick Kingsley, the UK’s leading expert on Multiple Sclerosis (MS), reports that of the nearly 4,000 patients he has seen, only five didn’t suffer from mercury poisoning…

Which means that 99.87% of people suffering from MS are poisoned with a heavy metal known to wreak havoc in the body.

What happens next is that, when the toxic load becomes too much for our body to handle, accumulated toxins cause a snowball of health problems:

Leaky gut, DNA damage, inflammation, autoimmune reactivity and finally, a full-blown autoimmune disease.

These toxins may be the most important cause of autoimmune diseases.

Fortunately, there is a sure way to limit and recover from toxic exposure.

An investigative journalist Jonathan Otto, has created the very first docu-series about how to heal from autoimmune issues naturally.

He interviewed over 50 of the world’s leading doctors… And breaks the silence of a trillion dollar global industry, by sharing the best natural protocols for healing autoimmunity.

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This is not sponsored by any means but just content that I found helpful and eye opening. I hope that this information may be helpful for you too.

Much love & light.

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