Why I turned to Alternative Medicine


At a time when I couldn’t rely on Western medicine to make me feel better, something still always felt off and I knew that it was only making me more sick. After a lot of trial and error, I knew that I couldn’t live my life like this anymore and so, I had to seek different avenues of healing. Which is when I started exploring different healing modalities such as alternative medicine and to my surprise, many alternative healing methods actually worked. For me.


Alternative medicine is a range of medical therapies that are not regarded by traditional Western medical professions. There are different aspects of alternative medicine including; Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and Traditional Chinese medicine.

For you to make the right decision regarding your own health and well-being, it is important to understand the different reasons why I choose alternative medicine over traditional means of treatment.


1. Safe and Natural

A lot of these alternative medicine practices are non-invasive, gentle, safe and natural way to treat ailments and disorders.

2. More Options

When you choose alternative medicine, it is typically not covered by health insurance which means you are not limited to certain health professionals. Instead, you are able to choose from a number of different natural therapies. You are able to choose which alternative therapist you would like to visit and also understand what is entering your body. I feel like you are able to maintain control of your health and the treatment plans and options for each particular ailment.

3. Quality Time

Traditional Western doctors see multiple patients in and out of their offices each day, sometimes not being able to provide adequate time with each patient to listen to their issue or answer any questions. It’s the first time in which I felt like I was actually heard for once and wasn’t told that I was crazy. Many practitioners of alternative medicine will take the time to really listen to what you have to say so they can evaluate your symptoms.

4. More Flexibility

Alternative medicine allows you more flexibility. Instead of receiving a prescription the doctor thinks you should have, you can explore other perhaps natural options which are more suited to your particular needs and lifestyle.

5. An Emphasis on Focus

Your health care should be focused on you and you alone. It should focus on whatever symptoms you are experiencing and how a potential treatment plan will influence or disrupt your current lifestyle. Alternative medicine makes sure that the focus remains on you and what is best for your overall health and well-being.

6. Stay Clear of Addictions

I was addicted to prescription medications for a long time and it really disrupted my system. Finally, alternative medicine and treatments use natural medicine that do NOT cause dependency issues and addiction like some common prescription medicines. You will also not experience any of the adverse side effects that may come from traditional means of treatment and medicine.