Why You Need A Support System

I used to think I could do things on my own.

Sound familiar?

It’s all too often these days that we aim to conquer our goals or problems single handedly.

This can be for a whole variety of reasons such as embarrassment, not wanting to burden others or even for the glory of ‘single handed success!’

But we must not forget the power and the importance of connection.

We are, by human nature, social creatures, so to cut ourselves off from others (particularly when facing adversity) can actually feel really isolating. From an evolutionary perspective connection is important to our survival.

This mindset of ‘going it alone’ is prevalent in western culture, but over time, it’s also super taxing on your body and mind.

This was a lesson I learnt very early on when I was stuck in the thick of my symptoms from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (fatigue, joint pain, gut issues, brain fog….)

I tried the single-handed approach at the start of my healing journey and eventually found myself stuck in a standstill feeling powerless. I felt like no-one else could really understand or relate to what I was going through, and I felt like my Doctors couldn’t hear me. I felt like I was ‘going it alone’ and it felt pretty isolating.

But then I realized that what I’d created was a mindset block. I realized that to move forward I had to reverse my self-limiting thoughts.

So I acknowledged that I actually did hold power and I could take charge of my health.

In order to find the healthy that I was searching for – taking charge meant that I had to pull together my own ‘circle of support’ and lean on others.

A ‘circle of support’ is a ring of all the people that YOU select to help you and join you on your journey.

People that you feel will be willing to work with you, hear you and support you.

It is absolutely empowering when you realize that you have the power to select the people that you feel will be a positive light in your journey to improved health.

The following list are an example of some of the people that you may bring together to form a part of your circle:


Significant other

Medical practitioner

Naturopath/Dietician/Nutritionist/Health Coach/Shaman/Energy Healer

Groups – Yoga/Sport, etc.

Other agencies – psychologist, acupuncturist, etc.

The AIW Community

Seeking the right wellness practitioners is a vital part of your healing journey.

This was not always easy as my doctors didn’t always agree with each other but as the newly appointed CEO of my health, I did a lot of reading, reflection and asked a lot of questions in order to find out who would be the best fit for me. So I  found healthcare practitioners that I felt I aligned with, that were attentive and that focused on ensuring the best positive outcome for my health.

Only you truly know you. Only you know how you really feel. It is ok to select your practitioners or find new ones if you feel unheard or if you feel like your current one can’t help you any more. Some research even shows that a positive patient centered approach from your healing practitioners can have a direct positive effect on your symptoms and outcomes.

I also had to open myself up to being vulnerable (cue: monkey emoji covering eyes).

I asked others for help (eek this was a toughie) and shared my feelings with my close family and friends. It was actually a relief and a powerful way of getting my feelings off my chest. Journaling can also be a really good way to identify and release your emotions in a safe space

In all honesty, I couldn’t have done it without the support of others – no one truly can.

You deserve the best care – and by aligning with others that will help you on your journey – you can feel supported.

You may have a huge Circle of Support or you may have just 2 or 3 key people.  You’ll also find that you will switch and change between people as you continue down your health path. There is no right or wrong.

The bottom line is to remember that you do hold power in your journey and you are never truly alone.  

Now is your time – so start connecting!

Alice Chen