Chicory Root Coffee


I miss coffee. Becoming autoimmune, caffeine isn't necessarily the best thing for you. Thus, transitioning from very caffeine heavy driven to being caffeine-free has been an interesting journey so far. Caffeine-free substances like Chicory root "coffee"tastes similar to coffee when brewed. It is used as both a coffee additive and a coffee substitute. Add some coconut concentrate to it and I am in heaven!

Now, how does one make such a thing?

  1. Get some chicory root. You can buy the root whole from a local grocery store or spice market, or you can also dig up the plant in the wild. Chicory is a beautiful purple flower that grows in empty lots and beside the road in North America. Though, to play it safe; you can also purchase ground chicory root too: Chicory Root Granules.
  2. To prepare for coffee, wash the roots until all the dirt is off. Dry the whole root on a towel in the sun.
  3. The chicory plant flowers from July to October. The flowers only open on sunny days. The roots, however, are best to pick between fall and spring.
  4. The leaves and root of the plant are the bits that most people eat. The flower itself is technically edible, but it has a bitter taste.
  5. Mince the roots with a sharp knife. The bits should be no longer than one inch each. Make sure that they are small enough that they will roast quickly, but not so small that they will burn through. You don't need to worry about peeling the root.
  6. Toast the chicory root. Arrange the root pieces on a baking sheet, then cook at 350 degrees until golden brown. You should smell a rich, coffee-like aroma. Remove the baking sheet from the oven and let the chicory cool.
  7. Grind the chicory root. Use a coffee grinder to reduce the root to a fine powder. If you intend to mix the chicory root with coffee grounds, then you should try to grind your chicory to about the same coarseness as your coffee.
    • If you don't have a coffee grinder, try mincing the root very finely. Try using a mortar and pestle to crush the toasted root.
  8. Brew it however you like. I like using a french press with ground chicory root. Chicory is not is caffeinated, and chicory is not. Chicory is usually somewhat more acidic than coffee, and I personally prefer the taste. Consider drinking a mostly-chicory blend.


Chicory Root "Coffee"

  • 1 tsp roasted chicory root
  • 16 oz boiling water
  • 1 tbsp coconut concentrate (coconut manna or use Vital Proteins Collagen Coconut Creamer)
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  1. Place the chicory root in the bottom of a french press or other container and cover with boiling water. Let steep for 4 minutes before plunging with the press or straining.

  2. Place the coconut concentrate, coconut oil, and “coffee” into a blender, making sure to lid tightly and place a kitchen towel over top to protect your hand. Blend for 30 seconds on high, until creamy and frothy. Enjoy!