What does it mean to live a Holistic Balanced Lifestyle?


Most people shy away from any mention of a holistic lifestyle, simply because they are unsure what exactly it means. Living holistically, means that a person is living their life in a way that is both natural to them and the world in which they live. Living holistically mean living your life as a whole.

People who live holistically often eat organic foods, keep their mind and body active, and practice forms of stress relief such as meditation and yoga.

Everyone understands that their body, mind and soul are interconnected. What happens to one part of you will ultimately affect the other two parts as well. For example, depression is often felt in the body in the way of aches and pains, but is more predominate in the mind.

Therefore, living a holistic lifestyle means that all parts of the self are taken care of. This is a very simple concept that most people have forgotten about, partly because of the fast pace of living in today’s world. The way of life for most people evolves into a hurried dash to get to work or to run another errand, grabbing a quick bite to eat along the way (usually junk food), being so rushed that there is no time to exercise or go to the gym, and then pretty soon the stress of all this starts to pile up until the body, mind and soul can no longer handle it. This is the point where most illness will start to set in.

Your digestive system will start to cause you concerns, if you continue to eat unhealthy food. Foods that are commercially processed often cause a person to be slower in the body, mind and soul, since most of the original nutrients in the food have been processed out.

This is the time when most people would pay a visit to their doctor. In today’s fast paced society, most doctors will treat a problem by prescribing a pill of some sort.

Whenever possible, it is best to see a holistic doctor instead. Holistic doctors will try to treat the cause of the health issue rather than just prescribe a pill to help deal with a symptom of the problem.

However, if you are living a holistic lifestyle, then you may never need to see either a regular doctor or a holistic doctor. By making a few simple changes to your current lifestyle you can cure almost any ailment.

One of the best ways to live holistically is to eat holistically! This means avoid eating foods that are processed, full of grease, or are high fat, high sugar foods. These types of foods contain fewer nutrients than our body needs and more calories than we need as well.

Instead, eating more vegetables for both their antioxidant and protein qualities is a much better dietary choice. Unprocessed grains, organic nuts and fruits are other wonderful eating choices. Foods that contain a higher level of nutrients and vitamins cause our bodies to work hard in breaking down the food and absorbing the nutrients and vitamins. These then are passed into the cells of our bodies.

Another fun aspect to living holistically is to incorporate an exercise regime into your daily life. Exercising can be anything that causes your heart to beat faster, such as cardiovascular or strength training. Evening going for a bike ride or run with your dog is a great way to exercise holistically!

Living a holistic lifestyle would not be complete without adequate stress management. Each person’s stress management relief technique is as unique as they are. Some people find that practicing Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi to be great stress busters. Whilst other people prefer curling up with a good book, meditating or taking a long soak in a hot tub.

The last aspect to living a holistic lifestyle is to keep your soul as happy and healthy as can be. This sounds quirky, but it isn’t. Practice random acts of kindness and you will quickly see how happy your soul can become. These acts can be as simple as smiling at someone on the subway or holding a door open for someone else. Volunteering at a nursing home, soup kitchen or child daycare can also be beneficial to your soul. Even donating your old clothes to your local homeless shelter can be considered as an act of kindness.

The basic premise here is that whenever you do something nice for someone else, you will feel better about yourself as well.

Living a holistic lifestyle means that you are committed to living a meaningful life to the best of your abilities. This does not necessarily equate to having millions of dollars or a fancy car. But, rather living your life to make sure that your body, mind and soul are happy and healthy.