The mindset you need to develop in order to heal


How you doin’? 

Really, how are you doing?

Have you taken a few minutes to check in with yourself today? To genuinely ask yourself – how am I feeling? What needs do I feel have not been met today, or yesterday… or for as long as I can remember? 

It’s amazing how many of us coast through our days putting everyone else before ourselves. Then we collapse on the couch at the end of a LONG day without having given ourselves one single thought  (let alone any time for self-care).  

This often becomes a self-deprecating pattern and puts you on a one-way street to burn-out!

If somewhere along the line you don’t make yourself a top priority too… then it will catch up with you!

And before you start yelling at me… ’Ain’t nobody got time for that!’…. Hear me out!

I had to develop a mindset that allowed for self-care in order to heal and live my healthiest life.  

At the start of my healing journey, I was incredibly overwhelmed!  I worked 105 hours a week, I was plagued with symptoms of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis – severe depression, anxiety, fatigue, aching joints, dry skin, inflammation, poor gut health and multiple food sensitivities.  In fact I’d actually spent years feeling less than average and I had no idea where to start.

That was until I learned that success really balances on developing the right mindset.

I had to develop a mindset that revolved around seeing self-care as a priority!

Developing a self-care mindset was no doubt one of the biggest challenges on my healing journey. At first, the idea of choosing myself as a priority was really difficult for me. Like many of you no doubt – I’ve always put others’ needs before my own.  Needless to say, I fought the concept of self-care for a very long time.

Initially, my autoimmune conditions left me lacking the energy to even begin contemplating prioritizing self-care and the maze of healing!

Eventually, the desire to regain energy to be able to workout regularly again, and be fully present, overrode my resistance to self-care. I didn’t want to look back on my memories and have not had really been there in those moments, because I hadn’t felt ‘right’. By putting my own self-care on the back-burner and not making myself a priority – I was actually doing myself along with others a disservice. I realized that to be fully present in my life – in full mind and body – I had to make myself a top priority too.

I now know that self-care is not selfish or self-indulgent.

The truth is, I (and you) work bloody hard and we do deserve it. And to go cliche’ on you… You cannot pour from an empty cup!

What I’ve learned is that when I give and give and my cup is well and truly empty… it can show up as a headache, lethargy, overall exhaustion and irritability.

In short, if I don’t listen to my body when it’s whispering to slow down, it starts to scream at me.

So no matter what a healthy life looks like to you, the key is to allow yourself time for you! Give yourself that permission!

Tick tock… where do I find the time? 

Well, the thing is (as we’re all aware… life is very busy).  This means that time will not present itself to you, it needs to be made. And sometimes the washing just has to wait! Honestly, it ain’t going anywhere. It’ll still be there after you take 5 (unfortunately)!

Everyone’s timing for self-care will vary. 

Some days mine is small like a quiet cup of tea in the morning before my little family wakes, and on other days it’s longer – like a yoga session or meeting up with friends. Then there are days where I’m doin’ the downward dog all while my 2 animals are trying to play with me.

The key is that I make the time (schedule it in if it helps!)

My self-care also often involves nature… like walking around in the city or hiking in Mount Tam or yoga at the beach, near a large body of water. This is sometimes all I need to reset. Then, heading to the local grocery store and picking up some awesome produce. Then, coming back home and making a homecooked meal.

Your self-care may look different than mine and that’s ok because it’s very individual.

Choose whatever you find enjoyable and calming… a quiet cup of tea, yoga, walk in nature, massage, bath, reading, relaxation, napping, meeting with a friend, etc.

Rather than fitting in some self-care the next time you have an ‘empty’ moment (say in 15 years) make the time (however small it may be to start with!)

Start small and the more you do it, the more you’ll start feeling the benefits, and the more natural it’ll become.

Life runs by too fast for you not to take some time out for yourself. You’re important too!

So give yourself a break, allow yourself to become a top priority and choose you today!