How to transition into a holistic lifestyle


Are you interested in holistic living but not completely sure you even know what that is?
I recently had a friend ask me how I transitioned into a holistic lifestyle. Frankly, there’s no one way of doing it. You just got to dive in, explore what’s available to you and find mindfulness in that. Look for a little bit of yin and a little bit of yang, strive for balance ☯︎ (not perfection), and you’ll consciously find what works best for you.


Characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.


Holistic living is essentially a lifestyle that nourishes your mind, body and spirit as a whole:

The mind is the bridge between body and soul. We live in our minds, we function as minds, and we look at the world through the prism of the mind. Mind is the confusion and meditation is the road to clarity.

In today’s modern world, we have increasingly lost the connection with our body, its needs and its sensitivity. Your body is only a means to help our mind to connect to our souls. Just by moving mindfully and taking care of your body which will make you whole will overflow with health and vitality.

Our spirit is apart of our higher self - it is our direct connection with the nature, with the universe and existence. Our soul is nothing but the affirmation of our oneness with the All, at the innermost core of our being.

Holistic living is living mindfully and honoring those sacred parts of yourself as that whole, knowing that each system is interconnected as a whole. It involves treating ourselves as multi-dimensional, complex beings that are affected by our sacred consumption in this world. Sacred consumption dives to many dimensions from how you sacredly:

  • Tapping into four aspects of well-being: the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual

  • You appreciate the synergy of using both Eastern and Western medicine approaches to give you and your family the most safe, and sensible, care possible. 

  • That this lifestyle is a fluid, proactive and ever changing process. It is not something that you do for a week or a month in an attempt to see short term results.

  • And so much more!

Holistic living means becoming conscious, paying attention to how you truly feel and developing a mind-body connection are all important aspects of living a holistic approach to health. Holistic living means living in the whole, being connected with the immensity of existence – realizing our oneness with the universe and living in and through such realization.


With the information out there, beginning your holistic living journey can be daunting. I know when I first came around to it, I was intrigued but overwhelmed. It can be difficult to know what to start with. My advice and motto for this week is:


Or perhaps you’ve started down the path and need a little motivation to keep moving towards the general direction again. To help you get started and inspire you on your own holistic living journey, these following healthy habits and holistic living tips can help you overcome or prevent health problems, heal your gut which I like to call the second brain, lose weight, skyrocket your energy and productivity, jump start your fitness, ease anxiety or depression, and reduce your stress levels. And, if you sign up for my newsletter; you’ll get the latest holistic lifestyle tips to fuel your burning desire to be well!

Keep in mind that holistic living, including cleaning up your diet, starting a mindful movement routine, incorporating stress management techniques and ditching the toxins, is a process.

I started making these changes almost 9 years ago. Over this period of time, I have slowly replaced bad habits with good, healthy habits. It may not take you that long to reach your health goals, but don’t feel you need to do everything all at once either!

Pick one actionable step from each category (or less if that feels overwhelming) and commit to implementing that goal until you master it. Continue adding in new healthy habits as you go along. Be consistent, give yourself time and you will see success.

Here are a couple of things that I practice:

  • Nourish yourself with nutrient dense, healing foods as it is an essential part of your well-being

  • Establishing a Gratitude practice - reminding yourself of what you do have rather than lack of

  • Practice Compassion, love and gratitude with yourself through self care

  • Trying out natural remedies - that’s tapping more into my Eastern side of things as the Western side too

  • Establish a Meditation practice - I practice right when I wake up and right when I go to sleep

  • Journaling

  • Moving my body daily whether that’s walking to/from work, biking/cycling, yoga, lifting heavy weights, etc.

  • Energy work through Shamanic Reiki

  • Creating sacred self care rituals

  • Cooking nutrient dense meals

  • Singing

  • Intention setting

  • Tea ceremonies

  • Moon ceremonies

  • Feng Shui my home along with others

  • Being a mindful consumer - that what I buy/support not only affects me but those around me and the planet


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