Let's get vulnerable


I’m just gonna take a deep inhale and deep, loud exhhhhhhhale…

Ok, I’m ready…

You see launching this website feels a whole lot like vulnerability to me.

But Alice in Wondrland (AIW) was made to be honest and real.

To reveal all the good, bad and ugly parts of healing from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and digestive dysfunction. And I hope that this transparency will inspire others to look towards kicking some of their own wellness goals.

By sharing my story, you can see that I’ve been in the arena and have got my ass kicked by autoimmune and digestive issues but I’ve come out the other side (with a healthier mind and body.)

But it’s not just something that ‘other people’ can do. I’m just like you.

I’ve sat compiling this website from the ground up for a while now and it hasn’t always been easy, but what has kept me going is the fact that it’ll reach people like you.

I definitely have felt fearful about exposing myself by sharing my story but there comes a time in every big girl’s life when she must face fear straight in the eyes – put a party hat on it and keep on dancing. So I’m writing this now with my little buddy fear sitting beside me rocking it’s party hat.

Because when we step into new territory, our fears often reveal what we want the most about and I genuinely want to help others.

I know how long and winding the journey to improved health and mindset can be and I don’t want anyone to have to go through the journey alone.

So I know you didn’t hang out the passenger side of your best friend’s ride hollering “show us ya vulnerability,” but I’m sharing it with you because I know that owning and sharing our stories is actually really empowering.

Vulnerability is not weakness – it is truth and courage. 

So here’s to being vulnerable and finding the lighter side of our health stories... Crazy hormones in the past – check. Brain fog – yep been there. Energy – sure, it went MIA for a decade. Trust me, you won’t be alone!

I truly hope that by sharing my experiences and knowledge with you it will create a positive online space. A community where you can feel supported with the tools and practices that will help you find your healthy (whatever that might look or feel like to you).

At Alice in Wondrland (AIW), you will be able to make positive informed choices for your health journey with a sense of WONDR, support, humor and connection (and you’re welcome to let your vulnerability all hang out here too)!