Make Intentions, not Resolutions

The end of every year comes as a time where i impulsively think of ways to start on a brand new slate... hello there, new year resolutions! Though, I feel like Resolutions are often limiting as they didn’t put me in the right frame of mind to actually make sustainable change and when i didn’t follow through, i thought i was a failure. Who agrees with me? 

Instead, i plan go deeper this year with setting INTENTIONS. Viewing how I want to better myself holistically - for the soul’s growth. A good intention nurtures your consciousness and has the power to significantly raise your awareness. When you set an intention, you don’t have to worry about your actions. A righteous intention creates a righteous action.

By setting an intention, you make it clear to yourself and others, to be serious about your goals and dreams. In setting an intention, you resolve that you’re already “enough” so you move forward without having an attachment to the outcome - it’s really more about the journey.
The catch is that you can’t jus set your intentions and run off; you need to live them every single day. As you gain wisdom through self-reflection, your ability to act from your intentions blossoms.