My 30th birthday Recap


Never would I have thought that I would be where I am today. To come from absolutely nothing to becoming so rich in my heart that it's absolutely overflowing. ✨

I am now learning to speak and step into my truth... I am now paving a new path for myself instead of repeating generational pain. ✨

I have the most amazing support system of family, boyfriend, fur babies, and friends that I absolutely adore. ✨

I am healing, while also using my Shamanic Reiki gifts to help heal others. ✨

I am also managing my autoimmune condition with much more grace as I have before... Almost to the point of remission. ✨

I am lucky to be able to afford to live in San Francisco and am lucky to be safe. ✨

And, I even get to be apart of an incredibly awesome, growing workplace like @grovecollaborative ~ which has taught me that we can make changes in this world. ✨

I have a feeling that Life only gets better from here. Bring it, 30. ⚡️

Bringing in 30 was so magical and I couldn’t have thanked my INCREDIBLE friends who made this all of this happen!

Reflecting on how I celebrated my birthday was… somewhat different than most people my age. Since getting this autoimmune condition, I haven’t really drank or done drugs anymore. I haven’t really had the time to abuse my body and have been actively working on healing it. Thus, I wanted to use my birthday not only as an excuse to gather the people that I love together but to also share a little glimpse of what I have been up to. Intentionally, I had it on a Sunday because c’mon #selfcareSunday… I wanted to give back to the people in my life who have expanded my life for the better through my own energetic gifts. I wanted them to use that afternoon with me as a time to take care of themselves.

Now in the means of an actual celebration space, I looked had the luxury to using the lovely Anchor Meditation with my dear friends. The space was absolutely gorgeous, calming, the team were absolutely so hospitable and just made the whole experience absolutely perfect.

The experience that I lead was called:
We did a lot of unblocking, releasing, moving and flowing with your bodies.
Then, we sealed the class with some savasana along with some Shamanic Reiki.

Afterwards, we had a wonderful refreshment selection from my dear friends at:

Siete foods makes these amazing, grain-free tortillas and tortilla chips that are paleo, gluten-free, & preservative-free. These are autoimmune friendly tortilla chips - they’re made out of Cassava flour as opposed to corn which can often be very inflammatory to a chronically ill digestive system!

The flavors there were Lime, Sea Salt, and Nacho. I will say that my favorite flavor is the Nacho!

Some local Guacamole (from the Mission neighborhood, picked up from the Whole Foods refrigerator section) was provided and paired well with this selection.


Then we had some bites from Urban Remedy, Urban Remedy is an organic food company that delivers ready-to-eat meals, juices, cleanses & snacks to your home. All ingredients are fresh & locally sourced.

We enjoy some Sour Cream & Chive Kale Chips along with some Banana Brittle!


Then, we quench our thirst from that expansive session with some delicious POP & BOTTLE.

They make the most glorious, pure, quality organic almond milk lattes using wholesome, simple and CLEAN ingredients.

They are available in six delicious flavors. My favorite is the Matcha flavor… YUMMMM!


My LOVELY sister, Caren also brought over some gluten-free, soy-free, and allergen-free birthday bites from Mariposa Bakery! BEST spot and they’re from Oakland, California!

Mariposa's mission is to create the finest gluten-free baked goods everyone can enjoy! They now ship across the country from our Bakery in Oakland, California

Not pictured: their delicious cake…. chocolate!

Now that’s not the only thing that I shared… every one of these wonderful attendees were given a curated goody bags of items to continue their Expansive day… these items are very much “Alice” so I thought they could take something away from themselves from this.