My 2019 so far...


Releasing 2018, and welcoming in a brand new 2019
2018 was a year of closure - releasing toxic patterns, people or habits that no longer served me, and ultimately, seeing the lessons from every challenge presented along my way.

Which then brings me to my intentions with 2019:

  1. being FLEXIBLE in all aspects of my life as opposed to only seeing the world in black and white. There are plenty of greys and a full spectrum of colors.

  2. And, to also feel more JOY! To be mindful of the activities, people, and commitments I make, and align them with cultivating a feeling of JOY.

    That also includes being of service to others, and trying to bring them more FLEXIBILITY & JOY- whether I’m sharing my Shamanic Reiki gifts, serving my executives at @grovecollaborative or having a meal with my loved ones.

    What are your intentions with this 2019?

SO… How am I doing with all of this so far?

Well, lots of action based items this 2019!

I signed up with Janet Stone’s YOGA INTO THE NEW YEAR!
I'm so excited to be deepening my yoga practice and help expand my mind with being more flexible with one of my idols, Janet Stone this month at @yogatreesf. 🤩 Looking forward to gathering before sunrise for meditation, pranayama, bhakti, and the discovery of sankalpa— our deepest soul longing. What a great way to start off the weekend of the new year with exploring ways to bring the practice into our homes and into our lives in the world, aligning our intentions with our actions. 🤸🏻‍♂️🧘🏻‍♀️✨

AND! I also signed up for Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) at Yoga Tree SF beginning in March through June as well. I did the extended 4 month because it works best with my working schedule.

To add, I am also doing intuitive training with a coach to help my strengthen my intuitive Shamanic Reiki gifts and guide me through this journey too.

I joined the unplug 30 meditation day challenge which is an app that has some really lovely guided meditations to help you get started on your own meditation practice. :)

The soul work brings me the most joy and really helps me expand with being more flexible.

I’ll be sharing my Shamanic Reiki with a lovely group this upcoming Saturday, 1/12 and on Saturday, 2/2 as well! I’ve just opened up my practice up more and taking in more clients. :)

I brought a planner!

NOW on the daily…

I wake up at 5 am, before the sun rises

I meditate with the @unplugmeditation app, then I meditate by myself for 11 minutes.

I chant a yogic mantra for 108 times with my mala prayer beads.

I do 9 sun salutations. Sometimes I include a kettlebell circuit training there.

I walk 6 -7 miles a way with commuting back and forth with work.

I’ve been reading several books, and listening to different podcast that light me up.

I’ve been visiting my friends and family and making an effort to.

Pete and I are doing super well! Though, we have a problem fur baby child (Bellatrix) but our other big fur baby, Huxley is doing very well.

We also have been cooking almost every night and when that happens, we know what kind of food goes into our bodies. It’s been clean for the most part and I feel a big difference when healing more nutrient dense, healing foods.

Thus, all in all… 2019 is looking pretty good! My path right now has allowed me to be flexible in terms of work and my life. I have high hopes not taking so personally when things fall through, which always does which is something of a struggle back in 2018. It is just work, not my life. It’s all just business.