What is Shamanic Reiki like with AIW?

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It’s what you all have been waiting for! Shamanic Reiki has been something that I wanted to bring light to for a really long time and I’m so happy to be finally sharing this, without any fear nor shame. Just vibrating and flowing with acceptance and pure universal love. It’s surprisingly that Shamanic Reiki actually found me. It was this spiritual healing art has opened my world up than more ways that I could imagine… which is why I want to share my gifts with you, my community along the rest of the world!

First thing’s first…

Reiki is an non invasive Japanese spiritual healing art, created by Sensei Usui. In Japanese, (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy” otherwise known as Chi in Chinese medicine or prana in yoga. So what is Shamanism? It is a love story – this is about falling in love with yourself, life, with the raw, wild beauty of creation, honoring all the elements, the animals and spiritual realms. Now infuse those two together and you have this powerful, gentle healing modality called Shamanic Reiki which is truly transformative. My teacher had mentioned that Shamanic Reiki is one’s direct path to revelation to life… it can be just what you need to move into the next stage of your life journey whether that be in-person or even through distance healing.

Shamanic Reiki is a beautiful way to relax and open your body, release emotional energy and feel rejuvenated and revitalized. This healing opens up your energetic fields and enables you to remove blockages that no longer serve your highest good - from years of repressed emotion, negative thought patterns, and deep emotional pain. There are many Shamanic techniques that can be incorporated into a session… some of my client’s favorites are:

  • easing effects of abuse and trauma

  • lessening chronic pain and illness

  • reduce anxiety, tension, stress, and fatigue

  • removing the fear of death

  • cutting of ties otherwise known as cord cutting

  • soul retrieval

  • power animal retrieval

  • ancestral healing

  • energy extraction

  • aura cleansing

  • and more!

You can relax during the healing, fully clothed and laying on top of my reiki table. I place my hand on or over your body at certain energy points, where I am called to work. Visions may come up during the healing sessions that may be able to give more clarity with what we are working with. Sometimes I may need to use sound from a rattle, my drum, tuning forks, crystals, I may need to burn sage or use high vibrational essences to embrace and deepen the healing work. Most clients like to drift away surrounded in a gentle healing energy bubble, to be brought slowly back to their body, connecting with the earth when the healing is complete. If you like, you can actively take part in the healing, helping to shift your own blocks, release memories or past traumas. There is always time afterward for discussion, grounding and sometimes homework may be given.

There is no need for talking during this work, I do not need to know your issues or the stories. Though, if you would like to share them with me, I am more than willing to hold space for you even further. However, the beauty of Shamanic Reiki is that the energy does all the work.

If you come to me for a Shamanic Reiki session, you will experience something unique and magical. These are beautiful techniques that must be experienced to be believed!

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Can't wait to heal with you!