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AIW mentorship

What: As your guide, i will coach to conquer the challenges and blockages that may be hindering you from earning the life that you truly deserve. achieve Measurable results and unlock your highest potential with me! These sessions can be done in-person or done via facetime/google meets/ Skype.  

When: please inquire about making an appointment

Where: in-person / google meets / facetime / skype


What: alice is now available for one-on-one shamanic reiki healing and intuitive HEALING sessions. These sessions can be done in-person or done via google meets/ Skype.  

Get to the root of you and receive clarity, new insights about yourself to live in alignment with your true self, accessing your fullest potential and feeling what it's like to actually love you from the inside out - no exceptions, no fine print.

When: please inquire about making an appointment

Where: facetime / google meets / Skype




Today, the necessity for work-life balance is critical. From endless emails to deadlines and growing to-do lists, there are more reasons now, than ever, to share the gift of mindfulness in the workplace.

These programs were developed specifically to help employees and executives manage daily stress, so that they may return to work with renewed passion, clarity, creativity and focus.

These programs are ideal for:
- Mid-large sized corporate companies looking to bring a new, motivational program to their corporate wellness training.
- Startups looking to retain and empower employees.
- C-Suite executives who want one-on-one spiritual guidance and mindfulness coaching.
- Special interest groups in need of a motivational workshop or speaker to inspire.